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Forget me not

If you travel a lot, or more likely if you travel only once if awhile, chances are that you have gotten to your destination and realized that inevitably you have forgotten something. You left your toothbrush on the bathroom counter or you forgot your phone charger next to the bed.

People forget all kinds of things. I’ve had friends tell me they forgot to pack dress shoes, the skirt that completed an outfit, their medication, phones, chargers, pajamas, glasses, and that doesn’t include the basics that you can get from most hotels like deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrushes.

I don’t think I’ve forgotten to pack something in a long time (watch me forget something now that I’ve said this). I put it down to my writing out a checklist days before I pack, thereby giving me time to add anything I might have forgotten when I first wrote the list.

Of course, as I pack things into my bag I check them off my list. Makes sense to any “overly organized” person. Really! It does! My husband thinks I’m crazy but I’ve taken it one step further. I include a second copy of the list in my suitcase so I can check things off as I pack to go home.  Yes. It’s true. But in my defense I haven’t forgotten anything at home or at my destination in a really long time.

How do you pack your bags and do you forget anything?


Comments on: "Forget me not" (2)

  1. 912wanderingspirit said:

    Pajamas. If I do remember to pack them then I will lose them somewhere during my travels. Every time!

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