Creative expression through the written word

Having a parent with Alzheimer’s has made me a litte….hyper-sensitive to being aware of memories or perhaps that I am making memories. More so that memories aren’t guaranteed to last forever despite what we think which makes them all the more precious. 

My topic for the day is, “what moment will you always remember”? I have so many major memories that I would say fall under this question but I think perhaps outside of my wedding day, I would say it was the moment my first born was placed in my arms and I realized  my life had changed forever. 

Suddenly there was this little being wholly dependent upon me from the basic necessities of life to wisdom, manners and the forming of their values and ethics. I was responsible for their life until they could be responsible for it themselves. 

That moment everything really did change. It was the beginning of the life I find myself in now and that moment was the first of many decisions as a parent. It is a cornerstone to a major part of my identity. 

Everyone has these moments, these significant markers in their lives where they can look back and pinpoint that it WA he defining moment of change. What was yours? 


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