Creative expression through the written word

Always Learning

When I was younger I absorbed information like a sponge. I loved learning. Okay, I loved learning with the exception of Math and Science. I really sucked at Math and Science. I’ve developed an interest in Science over the years but in no way do I think I am scientifically minded. Now Math….yeah that is still a big NO. I do math as it is impossible to live in this world and not do math on some level every day but man oh man, I really don’t like it.

As I got older I found I liked learning things related to my work but I kind of quit pursuing academic education in pursuit of life education in how to be a wife and a parent. Then as my kids got older I found myself reaching out to learn more, especially of a spiritual nature. As a matter of fact, I felt like when I was younger and absorbed information like a sponge again.

Then a few years ago I started to really embrace the creative side of my nature. I think everyone is creative in some way but I had convinced myself that I wasn’t creative at all. So, I had to undo the dam I had put in place and let my creativity flow. So I spent a few years really learning about my creativity.

So….here we are and I am finding that my learning is moving into experiential. I’m looking at learning line dancing, salsa dancing, quilting, book publishing, painting….my list keeps growing the more I look at my options. I think everyone should be learning in some way. If you aren’t growing my learning you are stagnating. Who wants to be stagnate? Not me.


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