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Less can be more

People always think about what they can do to improve their lives and usually they focus on what new things they can do….like exercise more or put more money in their savings. The thing is always adding to our lives doesn’t automatically mean a better life. Sometimes to have a better life one needs to subtract things from their life.

I guarantee for everything you want more of, there is a counter balance of something less you should be doing to make that happen. My topic today is about 5 things I should be doing less. So here we go…..

  • Listen to negativity. Okay, sounds easy but it really isn’t. With all the chaos in the headlines and in the world it’s almost impossible to not hear some form of negativity throughout the day. But just like the saying, “you are what you eat”, it is true that “what you put into your subconscious is what forms your perspective, attitude, actions and reactions in this world”. Stop allowing negativity in your personal space and things will definitely change for the better.
  • Keeping positive thoughts to yourself. Come on….don’t tell me that you share every positive thought about others that you think. I know you don’t. If you did this world would be a very different place. So quit keeping those thoughts to yourself. Tell people the good you see in them, in their actions. Let people know they impacted you in a positive way. You will be glad you did and even more importantly it will affect them positively. Spread the love!
  • Ignoring your milestones. I am so guilty of this. I don’t really give myself credit for achieving things. I especially don’t acknowledge the steps along the way to a major goal. It’s really kind of sad. You have to work just as hard for those small victories. You should celebrate them in whatever way works for you. Often, celebrating the small successes leads to the bigger ones. Don’t ignore your achievements. 
  • Having a party in your head. What does that mean? Quit entertaining the voice(s) in your head as the truth. We all have these conversations in our head about situations but that voice is coming through your own filters and doesn’t represent the truth, normally. It’s your subconscious telling you what you think is happening or is going to happen. I’ve discovered that if you just ask the people involved if what you are thinking is real or true you will discover that it is often not. Be willing to communicate and those voices in your head won’t whip you into a frenzy of worry, fear, anger or doubt. 
  • Stop using disempowering phrases toward yourself. You will note I didn’t say speak positive and use affirmations about yourself. I said, quit talking smack about yourself to yourself. Quit saying, I can’t for starters. Followed by I haven’t or I am not. Your subconscious doesn’t know subtlety and sarcasm. It takes what you say and creates it as truth. You are an amazing, talented person, with unique gifts and skills to share with the world. Don’t speak bad about yourself. 

You can experience huge changes in your life by simply cutting some things out of your life. Then you can focus on what to add back in. 


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