Creative expression through the written word

The topic for today is the best compliment that I have ever received. The compliment I got actually happened the year after I graduated high school. You see, back in high school, during my Junior year I was Miss Blaine. I represented my city at pageants all over lower BC, Canada and the state of Washington. As part of my duties I would speak about my city and be a good will ambassador.

I’m giving you this background because my compliment comes from this time period of my life. Now, fast forward to one year after I graduated. I was driving home, late at night after a date with my boyfriend and I got pulled over by a policeman in Lynden, WA. When the officer asked me for my driver’s license and insurance card I was rapidly praying I wasn’t about to get a ticket.

I was totally surprised when the police officer looked at my driver’s license, back at me and then started crying. Through his tears he asked me if I was the Trina Silvas that had been Miss Blaine in 1985. Shocked I said yes, that was me. He then told me he wanted to thank me for saving his daughter’s life.

I had no idea what he was talking about. He proceeded to tell me how two years prior his teen daughter had been suffering from depression and they had suspected she was suicidal so he and his wife had refused to leave her alone. Because of that they had forced her to attend a beauty pageant in Canada where a friend’s niece was competing. He said his daughter had been lifeless, morose and non-responsive throughout the entire thing until the end of the pageant when they announced the visiting royalty.

He said when I walked on stage his daughter sat up and leaned forward. He said as I introduced myself and talked his daughter stared in awe. But later at the reception he said his daughter found a seat at a table as close to me as she could get and he said she watched me all night long. She watched every move, listened to every word I spoke.

On the way home his daughter started talking. She cried and told them she had been planning her suicide but that night everything had changed. She told them that she saw something in me, heard it in my voice, watched in in my interactions with others and just knew that life could be amazing if she was willing to try, willing to face her insecurities.

He told me that from that night on she turned her life around. He said it was like a lightbulb went off in her and I was the electricity that gave her that spark of life. I cried, He cried. He told me had wanted to reach out to me and thank me for a long time. I was stunned that my life could impact another person’s life so hugely without my even knowing them or interacting with them. It was my first lesson in life and one that I have never forgotten. It was also that biggest compliment I have ever received.

So, I just want to say, you really truly have no idea whose life you are touching. Who needs your smile or kind words. Who is watching you and seeing the light of the divine in you and it is transforming them. No man is an island. Everything you do is like ripples on the water continuing without ceasing. You are more powerful than you think. You are the light in the darkness. It’s time to be authentic – time to be you!


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