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Redefining admiration

Admiration: Respect and Warm Approval, Something regarded as impressive

My topic of the day is Someone I admire. It’s interesting to me that this keeps coming up for me through conversation with others, journaling, and blogging. It’s everywhere and the question I keep hearing is who do you admire?

The thing is, no matter what the topic, there are always people who admire someone for taking a stance on either side of the issue so I could literally pick someone I admire for every issue in the world. Of course, that means that for everyone I admire there is someone out there in the world “hating on them” for the very things I admire. That seems so crazy to me.

I’ve been thinking about this for subject of admiration for about two months and I’ve decided that for me admiration goes one step beyond respect and warm approval. Admiration for me includes a desire to BE like someone. To want to embody an attribute or trait someone expresses. By redefining what admiration means to me it became easier to define who I truly admire.

Today I want to talk about a good friend. There are so many things I admire about her, things she has encouraged me to develop in my own life just by being her. She is one of the funniest people I know. She has the innate ability to make the experiences of her day sound like stand up comedy. I love that. I admire that she is always dressed classy and well put together but her style is easy and unpretentious. I admire how creative she is and how easy she makes it seem to be creative. I admire her ability to be logical, even in tough emotional situations. I admire her huge heart and that fact that if you are one of her people she will do anything for you, with the exception of being an enabler. I admire that she can tell someone off in her head and smile and be the most gracious person you’ve ever met. I admire that she knows how to manage her money and yet still gets everything she wants. I admire that she travels the world with our fear.

So, yes, for me I have redefined the word admiration to mean someone I not only respect but someone I want to be like. So tell me, who do you admire? Why do you admire them and are you trying to become more like them?


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