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Learning about Mary

I’m a mother of three sons. They are grown men at this point but one thing that being a mother has taught me is that sometimes you have to be adventurous. Children have a way of seeing the world differently then adults. The world is their playground and they can’t wait to play and explore it. I often think adults hamper the creative, adventurous spirit that children naturally have because we are too busy being “down to earth” and cautious.

That being said, my sons can often be heard  asking me “why nor?” I think I should preface this with the fact that we talk about everything in my household. There is no subject or conversation off limits and by no I mean NO subject is off the table. At first people can’t believe it, even their friends at first can’t believe that they can talk about anything and have it be okay but eventually everyone learns that its okay to voice the thoughts in their head, the ideas and yes, even the questions everyone wonders about but never discuss…..but I digress…..

Today’s topic is something new to try. Well, I find that I am often challenged by my kids to do things because as I said earlier, “why not?”. Not to mention if I am encouraging them to go out and experience the world I kind of have to lead by example. So I keep my mind open and I look for new things to experience and try. My something new this month is I have started learning about Mary Magdalene. I know – random. The thing is I have long held an interest in her and references to her like the movie the Davinci Code have only made that interest grow. So, I am finally going to learn about her. To see what I can discover about her, the Holy Grail and the symbolism that is all wrapped up together. Wish me luck on the new adventure. Who knows where it will lead but I’m enjoying the journey and learning quite a lot.


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