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What frightens you?

Oh come on! You know! Everyone knows there is something that frightens you. It might not be something you are willing to openly admit but it is there just the same and you do know it. One of my sons is frightened by clowns and another has a thing about spiders in the bathroom. When I asked my husband what thing frightened me he was quick to respond: “Rats, but it doesn’t have to be a rat it can be a mouse.”

Okay, he has me there. Can I just say gross and move on? Just thinking about them gives me shivers and makes me scowl with a negative shake to the head. Definitely not my thing. Of course, my first thought was needles. Man I really hate needles. Ever since I was a little girl needles scare me. I really, really do not do well with needles. Imagine my horror when I got pregnant for the first time and discovered that you get pricked by a needle more times than I can count during pregnancy. Yes, I was that mom that asked my dad or my husband to take my kids in for their shots because I just couldn’t be the one to calm my crying child while they were being pricked by a needle.

I have learned to manage my fear of needles. I can cope and get through a blood draw or immunization as needed but I still feel uncomfortable around them. I’d really like to try acupuncture but…..needles. I’ve thought a lot about getting a tattoo but….needles. So, tell me what frightens you and is it holding you back in anyway or is it manageable?


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