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We’re Styling

“What three words describe your style?”

I found I hard a hard time with this. There is the style I wear at the moment but then there is the style that I want to wear and am moving towards. To choose three words to describe my style felt like defining myself and I feel like I am in transition, at least when it comes to style.

So, here goes. My current style can be described in these three words: Casual, Classic, Business. I work from home so I spend a lot of time in casual attire but when it comes to clothes I select they almost always have a classic look to them and of course when I am not in casual attire I am usually dressing for work related outings so I dress for Business. It works for me right now but it’s not what I really want to dress like.

The style that I want to develop and am leaning towards can be described in these three words: Retro, Classic Elegance. Its taking me awhile to figure out what I want for my own style and now I just have to work towards updating my closet.

I would love to know what you describe your style as and why. I love learning these things about others and it helps to broaden my own horizons. Who knows? Maybe there is something else out there I am missing on incorporating into my own style.


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