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Music Motivates Me

Today’s topic is super easy for me. What music makes me feel adventurous? First, I have to say that I love music. I am very eclectic in my music selections. Mostly because I find that music is a way for me to tap into my energy and emotions. I think my family gets tired of hearing me say, “Ooh! I love this song!” whenever the radio is on but its true. I love music.

I once heard a quote and I can’t remember who I heard it from but it goes, “If mathematics is the language of the universe than music is its voice.” Man I love that. I think of it all the time. Music is something that can touch people universally despite language barriers. It is so powerful and I can’t imagine my life without music.

Music can fit every emotion but we are talking about music that makes me feel adventurous. That would have to be Electronic Dance Music. It has to be good mood, feel good, get your heart pumping, faster pace music. It literally makes me move faster and I can feel the energy in my body increase. When I listen to it I feel like I am up for anything.

What music motivates you? What music gets you ready for an adventure?



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