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Round the Clock

I’m a sleeper. I love sleep. I love to snuggle in my bed with my blankets and my cozy pillows. I am probably a 10 hour a day sleeper. Not that ten hours a day is anywhere my normal schedule. The topic for today is about when I feel my most rested. Well, give me ten hours of uninterrupted sleep and a steaming cup of coffee when I wake up and I feel like I can conquer the world.

It is by far my most rested and energetic self you will get. I average five to seven hours of sleep a night and I figure each hour less than ten is a level of tired, grumpy and on edge I get. Believe me when I say that it would be wise to give me some leniency when I haven’t had a lot of sleep.

So…what is your trick for feeling the most rested? What reenergizes you and puts your battery at full charge?


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