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So You’re Proud?

Most people have at least once in their life said, “I’m so proud of you.” Who they have said it to and why they have said it varies as widely as the people in the world. I have never had an issue with saying I am proud of someone but a conversation with a co-worker a few years ago put this seed of doubt in my mind and I find that I struggle with those words now even if I don’t let it completely stop me.

Their viewpoint was that people shouldn’t say that to other people because “only their parents have a right to be proud of them.” Everyone else can appreciate their efforts but only parents have a right to claim pride in their children’s achievements. At first it seemed such an odd stance to me but they were so adamant in their uncomfortableness when someone beside their parent said they were proud of them that I started checking my natural words of pride in others.

Questioning my right to tell a friend I was proud of them for something or tell a coworker I was proud of their accomplishment. I never question saying it to my kids, my nieces or nephews but my topic of the day is, “what is something I am proud of?” and the question made me feel that initial jerk of hesitation.

My answer is, I am proud of my sons. They are all uniquely different and face their own challenges but I think I’ve raised some pretty wonderful young men and yes, I am very proud of them and proud of myself for not screwing they up. however, I wonder……

How do you feel about saying you are proud of someone who isn’t family and /or, how do you feel when someone who isn’t your family says they are proud of you? Inquiring minds want to know.


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