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We shall overcome

I didn’t post a blog yesterday because the topic of the day was “what is something that you have overcome?” I thought about it all day and realized that I am struggling with this one. I am sure that my friends or family members could point out things that I have “overcome” but when I look back at my the experiences in my life I can’t for the life of me find anything that I feel warrants the word Overcame.

So for sake of ease I am changing the word. According to the Oxford Dictionary overcome means to defeat, to conquer, to beat,  to trounce or to succeed in dealing with. I much prefer looking at things from the viewpoint of succeeding in dealing with things. It seems so much more livable and real. Overcome seems….well drastic to me.

So, what is one thing that I successfully dealt with last year? Well, I read a book in March called The Happiness Project and then I spent the next couple of months making changes to my life and environment to create more happiness in my life. Although I believe that there will always be things that need improvement I am truly, well happy, with the end results of creating more happiness in my life.

Identifying the things that were making me unhappy and then setting about to make changes so that those things were no longer affecting me in a negative way was perhaps the greatest accomplishment I made last year. It really only affects me and those who are the closest to me but it totally changed my world. I highly recommend the book to anyone who is looking for inspiration on small ways to make changes that have a big impact.

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