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Filling a need

I know some regular, everyday people that in my opinion are some of the most giving, philanthropic, volunteer focused people I have every met. They just naturally see a need and find a way to fill it. I admire that so much.

My focus for today’s post is what need can I fill? Well, there are all kinds of little things from listening to a friend who needs advice or a shoulder to cry on to the basic care of feeding people, washing laundry etc. However, something that I have noticed about myself is the fact that I can often see “the bigger picture”. I can help others to see how something in the now will affect the bigger picture or I can show people what they need to do in the moment to get to the bigger picture.

It isn’t always an appreciated skill as some people think I am putting up road blocks to their ideas or creating more work for them. Believe me, I’ve felt that way about myself when I look at the bigger picture in my own life. On the other hand, when people are struggling to see the roadmap and how their actions are leading them forward it can be immensely beneficial.

I am also an organizer. Give me a chaotic mess and I will figure out how to streamline it and make it work in a more functional way. Organization makes me happy. Chaos gives me a headache and worse yet, drains my energy. Which is why when things get crazy in my life I often get focused by cleaning and organizing something. It helps me focus and it helps those around me as well, even if they don’t notice it.

So I am wondering what is the need you can fill and are you finding ways to do so?

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