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Don’t forget me please

Memory is a tricky thing. That is something I am learning as I deal with my mother’s Alzheimer’s. We just take for granted that we are going to remember something and we often feel silly when we do forget things. If you ae anything like me you may find yourself thinking, “shoot I can’t remember that person’s name or where did I leave that?”

I’ve often thought about taking one of those courses that allow you increase your memory and of course I’m all for things like Ginko Biloba. However, the truth is that our memories are not a guaranteed thing. So my question of the day is what time do I not want to forget?

Well, there are moments that happen all the time where I think to myself, “I don’t want to forget this.” I realize that I may not remember everything and in truth I forget more than I would like to admit but I find myself storing up memories of my mom. More to be precise, memories of her hugging me and talking to me, telling my she loves me because I know the day is coming when she won’t even recognize who I am and I want to remember how it feels to bask in her love. Its a conscious decision to store a moment away as a memory.

Do I know if it works? Well, I don’t know nor will I until the time comes I need to pull on those memories but I have faith that when we determine to remember something we can.


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