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So…..I have always had a thing for unique and random days of celebration. Partly because I think you should find something to celebrate every day and partly because it amazes me just how many weird and random things you can choose to celebrate.

My thought provoking question of the day is “what is one thing you are looking forward to?” I bet you can’t guess! Yep-I’m looking forward to celebrating the unique and random days as they come up throughout the year. Some of them have me giddy with excitement over how I want to participate and acknowledge the day.

There are some more traditional days like Parents Day but there are some other ones,  like today which was National Spaghetti Day. There are so many that it’s easy to choose a handful for every month to celebrate.

I went online, looked up unique and random holidays and had a heyday going through them. It was worth my time just for the entertainment of seeing what all the options are. Go ahead….try it. You may find that it adds some extra fun to your year.


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