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Gradual Goals

I think most people can name off a “grand” goal that they are wanting to accomplish. Everyone has a mental bucket list of things they want to do. I could name off several of my own goals but I am slowly becoming a believer in the fact that small goals are far more important than the “grand” goals.

That isn’t to say that one shouldn’t work toward the “grand” goals but that getting to them might be done more easily if you focus on small goals that eventually lead to the bigger goals. Learning to do this is something that I learned from my job. You take a large concept and then work backwards to create small but actionable steps that all lead up to the fulfillment of the large idea.

My question of the day is “what three goals” I want to accomplish this month. That seems easy enough since we are only talking about something that can be achieved in thirty-one days. So here is my three goals:

  1. to take a walk at least three times a week
  2. to rearrange my living room
  3. to get a complete month done in my bullet journal

I hope that everyone achieves success this year by taking those small steps that lead into bigger steps which lead into those “grand” goals being accomplished.


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