Creative expression through the written word

It is New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2016 and we are an hour and a half away from the New Year.

Ive been thinking about this for several days and I have decided to attempt a year of self-journaling. I have a list of questions – one new topic for every day of every month and my goal is to write a blog post every day to explore the question of the day.

This is a HUGE project and I’m hoping that in the working out of it that I learn more about myself and I create the habit of giving myself the daily time to write.

I’ve been thinking for weeks about what New intentions I wanted to make for 2017 and this is one of those changes and intentions. There a a couple other items that I want to see happen this year but I tend to keep my “resolutions” to myself but here is my list for the few who may read this:

• finish 2 more written stories

• get 1 book ready for publishing

• create and maintain a bullet journal

• this blog post project

• get more physically active

• get rid of some debt

• start a new business with life vantage

• step up my activities on my other business

• connect with friends more (personal, face to face)

and so…..2017 will begin and we will see where I end up 365 days from now. Hoping you all have a successful New Year!


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