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“If we were able to live at the level of the soul all the time, there would be no need for hindsight to appreciate the great truths of life.” ~ Deepak Chopra

You ever notice how when you look back on your life you can see the innate wisdom and flow and rightness to the path? You know—the job you lost or the relationship that ended, that although it felt horrible when it occurred, in hindsight was so clearly the exact right thing for you?!? – Brian Johnson, En*Theos

Being a spiritual person I try to look for the greater truths in life. I try to see the divine path in all things. But let me tell you….having my mother go through Alzheimer disease is enough to make me rage at God – curse the divine and give up on looking for the positive in life. I want to wallow in my anger, my grief, my fear and then that moment happens….

My mother in a private moment between us reaches for my hand and smiles at me. She leans in close and whispers to me, “Baby girl, you’ve brought me such joy in my life and I am so proud of you. Remember always that I love you, even when I don’t remember to tell you.” Yep. There it is. That moment when time stands still and I am made fully aware that one of the greatest truths in life is that love is unbreakable, undeniable and eternal. Love is a gift we give to each other and to ourselves.

I know this journey I am on with my mother is part of my story – part of my path that I will understand only once I can look back upon it and see the rightness of the path but for now….this is a very hard pa th to walk and my only way to get through it is to hold onto love.


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