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Hey all you crazy, obsessed scrapbookers….my partners and I have created an online scrapbooking community. It is very..very…very brand new and we are still working the bugs out but if you love scrapbooking and are willing to put up with the learning curve until it is flawessly functional please come join us. Our launch date is August 8th and the website is

As any scrapbooker knows…we always have a project in the works, some in various stages of completion so this is no different. We are excited to meet other scrapbookers and hope that “GYSO” becomes as much of an obsession for you as scrapbooking has. In the meantime..if you are interested in joining the community comment on this blog and I’ll forward you a comment when it is live and ready to roll.

I look forward to meeting all you scrapbookers.


Comments on: "New Scrapbooking Online Community" (2)

  1. rachaelah said:

    Can’t wait!!

  2. Trina Bol said:

    You can go to and become a member. Come join the fun!

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