Creative expression through the written word

Ever woken up and started going through your day and realized that one word can define your entire day? For some that word might be happy, angry, frustrated, excitement….the list could go on as long as we have adjectives to use.

Today and through the last few days that word has been flexibility for me. It has applied to evertything from gaining flexibility through our Wii Fit to being flexible about what we are eating for dinner. I’m not sure if I am just aware of the word so I see how it applies to just about everything lately or if it’s a message that I needed to get a hold of for this moment in time. Either way it has been quite an education.

I’ve had to just be flexible and go with the flow when an employee “pushed an issue” that riled up my feathers so to speak. I had to be flexible again when another employee asked to bring their baby to work…not that I minded that but still it required flexibility. I had to be flexible and drive a different vehicle to work today so my son could use my car today.

Being flexible is s good thing. Being too rigid about life is asking for trouble. Letting go and going with the flow seems to be the much wiser course of action although I wouldn’t say it is the easier path to walk. Some times it takes that brief moment of hesitation to stop and think about how I am handling a situation before I chose the course of flexibility but at least I am aware that I am making the choice.

Flexibility doesn’t mean being a doormat and letting everyone walk all over you either. It means being strong like a tree that bends in the wind or like a river that flows over and around the obstacles in its path. Flexibility is choosing to work with what you have been given and finding a way to meet everyone’s needs including your own. I’ve decided that I really like the word flexible and I’m looking forward to seeing what other words come along and make a real impression on me.


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