Creative expression through the written word

Creativity is simply the expression of the soul put into a physical medium. Sounds great doesn’t it? Sounds like it should be easy right? Well I can’t tell you how many people I come across who don’t think they are creative people, myself included with exception to writing. So my general musing for the day is why do we all deny being creaive people? Everyone has a spark of creativity within them. It is the people who fan the flames of that spark that define themselves as creative. We – you and me – we are creative in so many different ways. Some are crative with numbers, some with sciences, some with history or language and most definately there are the ones who are creative with the arts.

I attended BizJam 08 last week and when I did I was given a name badge that signified me as a “Creative”. I can’t even begin to tell you how much that altered my perception of my self. For two days, for twenty hours, people recognized me and responded to me as a highly creative person because of my job. I know I need a certain amount of creativity on the job but in that capacity it just seems to be part of what I do but ask me if I am creative and I’ll tell you no. I have several friends that argue with me over that very issue. However, that time, in that place, did something to me on a very personal level. I realized that if other people saw me as creative and I chose to operate under the title of creative that I found out I felt comfortable with the designation.

Can I go out and paint a masterpiece? No. However I know that I do have something creative to offer the world. Perhaps my creativity comes more in the form of writing or more in the form of seeing organization where others don’t or coming up with creative solutions for other people but I am creative and I am willing to bet that each living breathing human out there has the same spark of creativity just waiting to be embraced. If we each make the choice to fan the flame of creativity in our lives then together we might be able to change the world with one creative idea after another.


Comments on: "Who Says I’m Creative?!" (1)

  1. letterstomyformerself said:

    I totally agree with what you are saying here about creativity. It is vital and we can all be creative in some way. I think you might like my book, Letters to my Former Self….there are sample chapters on my blog. Drop by and have a look if you have the time.

    Best wishes and keep writing…


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